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Teledata Indonesia is ready to embrace future technologies while maintaining our legacy to provide a prime services to our customers
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Leading Communications Service Company In Indonesia

Teledata is a leading Voice & Communication company, unique for harmonizing its legacy and future technologies, also well-positioned place in the market


We are the future of information technology  company which is now spread in some country in Asia Pacific


Teledata Indonesia reliable in conducting research and predict the needs of IT in need by a company

Resourcing And Technical Expertise

Teledata has the resources with the best technical capabilities for the company’s satisfaction

Teledata Indonesia for all IT Solution

In-house technical expertise could be better used to progress business projects, rather than manage IT infrastructure monitoring and availability issues.

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Benefit for customer

Teledata Indonesia provides more benefits in IT solutions

Device & Vendor Agnostics

Teledata supports a wide variety of IT infrastructure products from different principals and many others, with new products added as technology evolves

Increased Availability

Greater IT infrastructure availability through 24x7 proactive monitoring and managed problem resolution by a team of IT specialists.

Information at All Times

Near real-time information on your IT infrastructure through our 24x7 customer accessible portal.

Reduced Cost

Reduce the cost of IT management and the total cost of ownership, allowing your in-house experts to focus on your core business activities.